As a fashion designer, entrepreneur and embroidery artist, Zoe Gilbertson has had a varied career in all things stitch or graphic arts related.

Zoe was born in London but raised in Newcastle. She graduated with a Fashion BA from UCA, Epsom then went off to Germany to design apparel for world class athletes at adidas. Her next adventure took her to Vancouver, Canada to design clothing for the outdoors. 

Returning to the UK with kids in tow, Zoe and her husband Ollie, a footwear designer, formed a company called Sneakart. Sneakart was an entirely new concept centred around the art of sneaker decoration. It was around this time that Zoe became fascinated with embroidery. After years of experimentation and practise, Zoe now creates abstract artwork by fusing the hand stitched with the digital. Needlepoint is her current medium of choice. She finds a happy synergy between the geometric nature of the canvas and designs that evolve to become digital pixels or stitches. She constantly switches between the two as she explores colour and shape and pushes the boundaries of contemporary embroidery.

Zoe currently works, walks her dogs and does ballet in Cambridge, UK.